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I have many bad tendencies, not the least of which are feeling the need for structure and uniformity, making rules for myself that aren’t required from anyone else and then beating myself up for not following them, and having to do things perfectly or not do them at all.

The “purpose” and idea behind this blog has changed almost from day to day in my head. And I’ve let there be big posting gaps because of my inability to be flexible, even with myself. I set up a second blog for everything unrelated to what I stubbornly wanted to be in With the Passing of Time. I dismissed people who told me that I could post anything I wanted, again notice the inflexibility and tunnel vision and aiming for my definition of perfection.

This is my attempt to change that.

I still want to base my standard, daily posts to be around the “word a day” model. But that’s the only structure you’ll see from now on. I’ll post the word, its definition and anything else I’m inspired to related to that word. It might be me rambling on, it might be what comes up in a picture search, it could be anything, even things related to my Lord of the Rings obsession, which up until now I had steadfastly refused to let be part of this blog. Beyond that I’ll post whatever the hell pops into my head and I feel like saying out loud. I already have one written.

Here’s to being flexible and not demanding of myself some unachievable aim of perfection. *toasts*

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Willingness to join soil, sound, hands; memory follows me ~ Viggo Mortensen
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Daily words come from Merriam-Webster's word of the day. All rambling comes from my head.


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