With the Passing of Time


Posted on: January 6, 2017

fak-TISH-us | adjective

1 : produced by humans rather than by natural forces
2a : formed by or adapted to an artificial or conventional standard
2b : produced by special effort : sham

This is an odd word, with ‘fact’ so prominent and yet it means the exact opposite. I didn’t get that from the definition alone, though. The example sentences clarified it for me. But we can’t use it to describe the things that come out of Republicans’ mouths, especially Trump, because they’ll just latch onto ‘fact’ and smile proudly. But it is true that they present a factitious reality of every situation and issue that they talk about. The economy has never been worse. We’ve lost tons of jobs in the last eight years. Hillary Clinton is running a child smuggling ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor. (Well, that’s not just factitious, that’s just insane.) I think that’s how I’m going to describe them from now on. The factitious party. But somehow it’s more satisfying to call them the Pinocchio Party (although that’s really an insult to Pinocchio).

The face of every Republican

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