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Posted on: January 2, 2017

BAIL-ful | adjective

1 : deadly or pernicious in influence
2 : foreboding or threatening evil

The country, in fact the entire world, is being threatened by baleful Republicans, from Trump on down, and their baleful plans. And the most annoying part is their core supporters are too stupid to realize just how much damage they will inflict on all of us. They’ll hear Trump take credit for things he didn’t do and cheer him on. They’ll believe him when he says anything negative that happens is the fault of Obama and the Democrats. And he’ll make up whatever “facts” he thinks will further his cause and they’ll eat it all up with a spoon. And since votes from the coasts have less value than the rest of the country because of our ridiculous Electoral College system, and the Republicans have made an artform out of gerrymandering districts and taking over statehouses, we’re likely going to have this problem for the foreseeable future. If the Democrats can’t find someone charismatic and passionate and who can inspire people and garner ardent support, the baleful consequences will be with us perhaps forever.

Apparently, a baleful armament is a thing in World of Warcraft. It “binds when picked up” whatever that means. The description doesn’t make it sound bad but it must be since they named it baleful, right?

© Michael Coté; please click for original image

Michael Coté designed this creature for what looks like Dungeons and Dragons or a similar roleplaying games. I only just started paying attention to D&D recently. I’ve heard about it pretty much all my life, but although I’m definitely a nerd it always seemed like one step further down nerdville than I lived. I didn’t really know anything about it, just had a vague impression of it and decided without doing any investigating that it wasn’t for me.

Now that I’ve been learning about it and seeing what’s involved, I’m still not sure it’s for me but not because it’s too nerdy. It just seems far too complicated and involved for my head to be able to manage a game. Even just creating a character seems beyond my brain. For instance, if you look at all the details Coté came up with for the Baleful Destroyer, it’s the same kind of work a writer may do for a character in their book. But then the whole abilities card (spreadsheet? I don’t know what it’s called) with such specific information on what it can do, how much damage it can inflict, and tons of things I have no idea what they’re for. And then on top of that you have something similar for your own character and probably need to keep track of your parties abilities so you can work together. *head explodes*

Hats off to you, D&Ders. It’s a really cool idea, makes you be super creative and imaginative, and getting to pretend to be some interesting character every time you play sounds like a lot of fun.


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