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Posted on: June 1, 2009

\TEN-uh-brus\ | adjective

1 : shut off from the light : dark, murky
2 : hard to understand : obscure
3 : causing gloom

I am tenebrous. And yet I don’t have much to say about this word. I mispronounce it; I want to put the emphasis on the second syllable but apparently it’s the first. I like it both ways, which will make it hard to remember how to say it right. The correct pronunciation makes me think of tenuous. I think you could be both tenuous and tenebrous.

Here we have another very nice word that is being used in some kind of odd game. I think the game is EverQuest; the site is Allakhazam’s Magic Realm, and the page is a forum about the Tenebrous Mountains. On the one hand I like that the people who play these games are being exposed to really interesting vocabulary words. On the other hand, I don’t know if they fully grasp the meaning of the words as they’re playing the games. Maybe they do, maybe that’s all part of the fun of it. I really don’t know.

On the other hand, I just can’t get past these kinds of discussions:

When you head to the Castle remember that almost everything in the zone seems to see invisible and the vampires can see through IVU. So don’t try to get there with obfuscation. Someone mentioned the levitation method, use this methods it works best. … Set up camp pretty close to the castle otherwise you will be picking up wandering bat and sonic wolf adds on every fight. – DamuriAjashi; a forum member

I know that part of the appeal of these games is to have a language and culture that most people wouldn’t understand if you gave them a bucket full of money; there seems to be a need to find something that you can hold over people’s heads, people who some gamers probably believe look down on them elsewhere. But these kinds of “conversations” or notes always seem so incredibly serious and I just can’t get into a game that requires that level of dubious self-importance. I want to enjoy myself, not wonder why a merchant doesn’t sell galic to keep the bats away or having a stack of Jasper to keep myself Rune’d. And with all this mega-detailed gameplay, I can’t help but wonder if the vocab they could be learning is really sinking in or if it’s just an interesting name for a location for your current quest.

Then again, here I am being somewhat hypocritical because with tenebrous you also get this great Marvel Comic pic:

© Gabriele Dell’Otto (if I have an incorrect attribution, please tell me and I’ll change ASAP); click for original image

There’s something about the hand trying to grab the surf board and the look of who I assume is Firelord behind the Silver Surfer, and the kind of molten metal look of Silver Surfer himself. It all just works for me. But I think the difference between one nerd obsession and the other is you don’t really need to know some special language to get into comics. You just have to read them. It’s beyond me how one is supposed to learn all the super secret codes and lingo that goes along with some of these games. And I can’t help thinking that’s entirely the point, which ruins any appeal they might have.

A few more pictures to share. This is a very atmospheric shot, a dark, almost threatening looking forest, and the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I can almost feel myself walking faster and faster trying to get out and finding that the clearing keeps getting further and further away. I know, I read too much Stephen King. Another picture that immediately conjures up something dark and menacing lurking just beyond the shadows. And finally this tenebrous and foreboding place:

© kwerfeldein; please click for original image

I get the feeling it’s actually something religious, but with the threatening sky and the dark recesses, and it just looks to be looming over you. You wouldn’t escape that place if you were foolish enough to wander in.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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