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Posted on: May 31, 2009

\SPYUR-ee-us\ | adjective

1 : of illegitimate birth
2 : not genuine : false

I’ve only ever heard of the second meaning attached to this word; making a spurious claim and all that. The first one is funny to me. It’s like an alternative to bastard but would confuse everyone if you used it. “You spurious SOB!”

The link I found is for a blog called Spurious and it really interests me. It’s mostly someone’s original fiction writing, I think, mixed with some essay and observation. I mostly skimmed (read through three or four posts in full) but what I read intrigues me. I like the writing style, I’m curious about the writer. I wonder why no one seems to be commenting (maybe s/he keeps them all screened) and am amazed at how long this person has maintained the blog (since December 2003). I’ve bookmarked the page and plan on spending some time reading it.

Pictures range from completely incomprehensible to downright boring. But there are two I want to make note of. I have a really mixed response to the first.

© faith goble; please click for original image

It comes up in a search for spurious because of the poem she’s written underneath: “Beautiful but spurious” written about apples (I don’t get it but I don’t have to). On the one hand I’m taken with this picture. The color is very rich, the produce looks incredibly fresh and those strawberries make my mouth water. On the other hand, all of the red makes this Steven King reader think of a blood bath. So a mixed reaction. :-)

The second picture totally cracks me up. It’s a drawing of a woman holding up her skirt as she whips an old man’s bare behind as he leans over an overturned chair. It’s accompanied by this porny doggerel:

What Drudgery’s here, what Bridewell-like Correction!
To bring an Old Man, to an Insurrection.
Firk[1] on Fair Lady [,] Flaug the Fumblers Thighs [,]
Without such Conjuring th’ Devil will not rise

Whoever tries to claim that people in ye olde days were all straight-laced and puritan needs to be quiet. “To bring an old man to an insurrection” indeed.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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