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Posted on: May 30, 2009

\sub-VEN-shun\ | noun

1a : the provision of assistance or financial support: as
1b : endowment
1c : a subsidy from a government or foundation

Maybe this is one of those situations where we liberals need to take a lesson from the conservative fucktards and begin renaming things to suit our purposes. Welfare? No such thing. We provide subvention, nothing more.

I really like that almost all the first links have to do with publication subvention, and all for scholarly research. That’s very cool. Yes, I probably wouldn’t think it was cool if the research was in proving some Republican asshattery but then I wouldn’t consider any of that scholarly. That’s just spin no matter how much they try and pretend there’s anything unbiased about it.

There’s no point in putting this picture up but I’m going to anyway.

Source: Blind Expò; please click for original image

The company sells secure display cabinets for things in drug stores, eyeglass stores, perfume, cigarettes, etc. The page the picture is on is in French and while they have English pages I can’t figure out how to get to it in English so I have no clue really. The headline translates (from an online translator so take it with a grain of salt) to “Subsidy to the debiting tobacco.” Possibly talking about a subsidy for the debt of tobacco companies? I don’t know, but anything related to the tobacco industry should be looked at skeptically, even if they do just make the display cases.

I admit I don’t quite understand the point of this post (or picture) but it’s in French again and the translator thing only helps so much.

© Pierre Marcel; please click for original image

The translation of the heading is “Subsidy general advice of the valley d’ Oise” and the caption is “150 euros for l’ year. Brilliant: with the d’ place; to buy lobsters or lobsters like models, one will use the d’ roots; iris of the park of the castle d’ Auvers on Oise…”

Now I get that 150 euros a year isn’t a lot of money so I’m imagining the photographer is being sarcastic. What this has to do with someone painting a lobster (or a lobster-like model) is beyond me. But the picture is kind of interesting and it reminds me of the street artists we saw in Paris so it’s here. I was kind of hoping for more with this word. Subvention is an interesting sounding word; it should have interesting things online for it.

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