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Posted on: May 26, 2009


1 : A row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony.

You may notice no pronunciation guide. This is because today’s word comes from the Wiktionary word of the day, not Merriam-Webster. Why? Because this was Merriam-Webster’s word of the day.

Philadelphia lawyer
\fill-uh-DELL-fee-uh-LAW-yer\ | noun

1 : a lawyer knowledgeable in the most minute aspects of the law

Nothing about this interests me in the slightest. The only thing even worth sharing is a Woody Guthrie song, Philadelphia Lawyer, which is about a lawyer from Philadelphia trying to steal another man’s wife and gets killed for his efforts by the jealous husband. I’ve been thinking about switching to another word source and with days like this it gets even more likely that I will. It’s not even a bit of knowledge that’s somewhat interesting to learn about.

Balustrades. They can be very simple or ornate. And there are a lot of pictures of them on actual houses. But I love the drawings I found on Wikimedia Commons from the Dictionary of French Architecture from 11th to 16th Century (all pictures in the public domain).

Source: Wikimedia Commons; please click for original image

I know I could have only selected two or three but I love architectural drawings. Always have. My brother gave me a lovely book on architecture when I was a kid and wanted to be an architect. I still go through the pages from time to time. I think I’d still love to be an architect but I just don’t have the artistic ability. But there’s nothing like architectural details, drawn by hand, functional and beautiful, practical and romantic. Aesthetic strength.

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