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Posted on: May 25, 2009

\ahb-NOO-buh-layt\ | verb

1 : becloud, obscure

This is one of those words that sounds like what it means. Possibly because it reminds me of obfuscate. Whatever, it’s a nice word to add to one’s vocabulary. Although I think you’d probably sound a bit pretentious if you used it in daily speech. Or as World Wide Words says, ponderous.

It makes perfect sense that one of the links is to an article about a spelling bee, because let’s be honest. As nice as it is to now know this word exists, the only place you should regularly see it would be at a spelling bee.

Even the pictures are a good demonstration of when the word can be used well and when you’re just being obnoxious. I’m not putting them in the post because I’d rather put these, which are completely unrelated to today’s word.

© ContraFlute, Paige Dashner Long; please click for original image

Just look at those flutes! I never knew such beautiful things existed. I imagine I don’t have the lung power to make them sound good, but how great would it be to try. You get to see the huge variety of flutes in this picture of the Florida Flute Orchestra.

I found a wonderful clip of a flute ensemble, les joueurs de flûte at the “Big Flutes” page at Contrabass Mania and I had to share. It starts off with very familiar sounds but then the rich, deep harmonies start and it’s something quite amazing.


This is all making me want to go to the National Flute Association conference in New York but if I’m able to go anywhere this year, I’ll be choosing Writercon instead.

And finally, here’s a great quote I found at Angel Ridge Woodwinds:

Never give a flute player a screwdriver. –anonymous

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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