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Posted on: May 24, 2009

\DESS-tuh-toot\ | adjective

1 : lacking something needed or desirable
2 : lacking possessions and resources; especially : suffering extreme poverty

I’m not destitute because I have a safety net called my family that keeps me from becoming destitute. Without them, who knows? I might always be able to stop the fall before it goes to far, I might just continuing falling. I honestly don’t know.

But this does seem like a good segue to a photo essay I found this week. It’s a series of pictures of different people’s refrigerators and freezers, each with a brief caption of info about the household. I love it because with hardly any words, you can really imagine the stories and the lives, and some are very profound. Here’s the inside of a refrigerator of someone who lives on only $432/month.

© Mark Menjivar; please click for original story

And the republicans have the nerve to question the need to help people who are destitute. Let’s see them try to live on $432/month; let’s see how they survive.

I think I must be hardwired these days to stumble on things with a New Zealand connection. The Destitute Gourmet: really good idea for a site given the economic crisis we’re in. But it turns out to be based in NZ. Now, I know I can probably still use the recipes, but a good part of how they help people save money (and a really smart part) is in using in season produce and that’s quite a bit different in this neck of the woods. But I still think it’s a great find and have bookmarked it, if for no other reason than future NZ fic ideas.

There’s also a site called Destitute Gulch that has a review of Witness, a few screencaps, and a bunch of wav files to download. No pics of Viggo and there really wouldn’t be any sound files. Lord, he was so young in that movie; such a cutie.

There’s no question that any pictures for destitute would be very depressing. The fridge pic makes me hurt. I thought, let’s go with something a little more abstract but still captures the theme. I found this and thought that would be enough.

© nategrubb; please click for original image

I can picture the person who calls this home; it’s poignant but not overly emotional for me. But then I found this series by stoneth and I changed my mind.

Young and old.

© stoneth; please click for original images and check out the entire series

Look at the eyes. Look at their eyes. Let’s not pass them by. Acknowledge their presence; don’t just walk past as if they were invisible. And help when you can.

Look at those eyes.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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