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Posted on: May 23, 2009

\man-yuh-MIT\ | verb

1 : to release from slavery

Another new one for me. It may have a nice definition but it’s a rather clunky word. Emancipation kind of sings. Manumit sounds like something you’d check off on a clerical form. And the emphasis feels wrong.

But as clunky and clerical and badly emphasized as it seems, this is still a lovely find.

Source: The Passaic County Historical Society; please click for original image

Even in full size it’s hard to read, but the historical society site has the transcript; the manumission papers for Samuel Tiebout.

I like this picture even more. You can’t read it either, but please click for the full size.

© Priscilla Santos; please click for original image

The transcription is printed under the picture. It’s not in English but I suspect some of you will be able to read it.

Complete change of subject: In April the British Journal of Psychology published the results of a study that asked men and women how intelligent they believed themselves to be; people were simply asked how intelligent they thought they were, no tests were actually conducted to see if the perception matched the reality. And lo and behold, men consistently gave themselves higher marks across the board than women gave themselves credit for. Does this really surprise anyone? I don’t know if it says women are more modest, as the article implies, or rather culturally programmed to downplay their intelligence to help stoke male egos.

And shifting once again: A map of the internet.

© Matt Britt; please click for original image

Each line connects two IP addresses (the inset gives a clearer idea of this). I love the internet but I never knew how beautiful it was.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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