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Posted on: May 22, 2009

\kair-uh-FOOR\ | noun

1 : crossroads
2 : square, plaza

I’ve never heard of this word before but I totally love it. There’s no doubt I’m going to find a way of using it in some story. “He set up his stall in the carrefour, hoping the traffic would be good for business.” “Quietly they crept into the carrefour, keeping within the shadows along the walls.” “As they approached the carrefour, warriors leapt from the trees, brandishing swords and machetes.” Yes, most definitely, will find a way to use this word in a story.

It’s rare when the first set of links aren’t to definitions. But there’s an international company called Carrefour (except they pronounce it kar-fur, I think with the accent on the second syllable) and they’re all over the search results and the images too and it’s really quite uninspiring. There are apparently Carrefour grocery stores all over the damn place, too.

But leave it to a photographer to make a grocery store interesting.

© H!ghTower; please click for original image

S/he calls it a camera toss outside a Carrefour in Spain and it’s very cool. S/he tossed her/his camera again outside of a fast food restaurant too. The colors in this one aren’t as appealing to me but it’s still a very cool technique.

There are also two great shots of literal crossroads (finally found something connected to the word’s definition!). I always love pictures of roads at night when streaks of light replace the cars. Besançon by night #04 is one of those shots and it’s very cool. I think if I ever visited Besançon I’d rather go here, though:

© Christophe Finot; please click for original image

It’s not the greatest picture in the world but I’d love to go exploring there.

But take a look at this shot: Croix de bois, ciel de fer…/Cross wood, crossroad. This is being bookmarked and saved for a future picture prompt ASAP. There is something extraordinary and evocative in this image. You really must take a look and let your imagination loose in that landscape.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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