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Posted on: May 19, 2009

\PAHSS-cher\ | verb

1 : to strike a pose for effect
2 : to assume an artificial or pretended attitude : attitudinize

Of course I immediately jumped to posture the noun in my head and started chastising myself for my lousy one. But posture the verb is more interesting to think about. Our former president was big on posturing. He liked to put American lives at risk by goading terrorists to “bring it on.” He liked to stand on aircraft carriers with “Mission Accomplished” banners and pronounce victories that only really existed in his pea-sized brain. And here my sexist side is going to come out, because I believe men are far more prone to posturing than women. By the strict definition, yes women do often present a false front to the world, but it’s not loaded with the machismo that defines truly obnoxious posturing to me. (Don’t get on my case; I did warn you I was letting my sexist side out to play.)

As expected, images are all around posture the noun. But even so, I discovered a very funny site: Adventures in Stock Photography. This guy adds captions and stories to stock photography. To quote from his first post, stock photography is a “paradoxical world where everyone is manically, thumbs-aloft happy – despite there being no evidence of anyone surviving beyond the age of 25.” The posture pic: David Schwimmer’s Secrets of Natural Posture.

© Rob, Adventures in Stock Photography; please click for original post

Unfortunately it looks like he stopped a year ago, but the site is quite fun and definitely worth a few minutes of browsing. The navigation’s a little off, but use the archives or categories to see what’s there.

Now I’m not big on frogs. I probably like them more than things like snakes and lizards, but I kind of prefer them to go about their lives separate from mine. (And don’t even get me started on them falling from the sky.) But even I find it incredibly cool that the red-eyed tree frog can transform this dramatically when it’s trying to keep off its predator’s radar during the day.

from Carey James Balboa (public domain); please click for original

from left: © Graham P. Oxtoby | US Geological Survey (public domain); please click for originals

I wish the color was better on the last one; it seems washed out here. They call the final position a water conservation posture. I’m not really sure why, but the camouflage is amazing. According to Wikipedia, ” During the day, they remain motionless, cover their blue sides with their back legs, tuck their bright feet under their belly, and shut their red eyes.” Pretty amazing.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


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