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Posted on: May 17, 2009

\dah-muh-SILL-ee-air-ee\ | adjective

1a : of, relating to, or constituting a domicile: as
1b : provided or taking place in the home
1c : providing care and living space (as for disabled veterans)

This immediately makes me think of conciliary, which of course makes me think of The Godfather. There were many domiciliary scenes in that movie but the ones that always stand out for me are Sonny getting killed at the toll booth, the horse’s head in the bed and the final assassination montage.

Most of the links for domiciliary are related to home healthcare and veterans housing, obviously. I went back about six pages and there’s no one using the word outside of its intended meaning. Same with the images. There is, however, a series of pictures on Flickr of the Great Domiciliary Mound in Florence, AL. I couldn’t find a specific definition for a domicile mound, but I believe it’s related to finding evidence and remains of previous towns and their inhabitants and one imagines that a domicile mound is either where people might have stored food and other items related to the home or perhaps where they even lived.

© pplynch1865 (screen name at Flickr); please click for original picture

This is the 1867 Domiciliary at the Milwaukee Soldiers Home. pplynch1865 has a series of pictures from here and many are really astounding, especially those that show the architectural and interior details. It’s definitely worth a look.

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


2 Responses to "Domiciliary"

Thanks I found this blog really useful, I’ll recommend it to friends.

Oh, thanks. It’s really just ramblings but it’s always nice to hear that someone enjoys it. :-)

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