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Posted on: May 12, 2009

\JING-goh-is-uhm\ | noun

1 : extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy

Synonyms: ethnocentricity, fanaticism, zealotry. Makes me think of right wing, ultra conservative, love it or leave it, “freedom fry” calling Republicans. Actually, now that an intelligent and sane person is in office, I should probably remove the “love it or leave it” moniker; they only sling that one out when it’s not their pals talking about secession.

I looked at what the first link and picture might be, but I’m not going to give them even a minor bit of recognition here. Both are from right wing folks who believe Obama is a fascist. I swear, is vocabulary not taught in school anymore? Are the meaning of words just skimmed over in favor of creationism or something? How anyone who lived under Bush and his cronies for eight years can then turn around and say the current administration is fascist clearly needs to go back to school and actually learn something this time. Because clearly the first time they were there they chose to sit in the back of the class and throw spitballs at everyone else.

What I will give attention to, although I’m nearly three years too late, is what must have been one of the most awesome events during the Bush years: the Guerilla Queer Bar Jingoism March. There are a few pictures here; what a great idea.

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