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Posted on: May 10, 2009

\fuh-DELL-uh-tee\ | noun

1 : the quality or state of being faithful
2 : accuracy

I have a hard time believing that men can be faithful. I know that it’s not only men who cheat on their spouses; I’ve known a couple of women personally who couldn’t understand what monogamy meant if you gave them a million dollars. But I feel like when women cheat they know that it’s unacceptable behavior. I kind of feel that a lot of men think monogamy is something you pay attention to when you can’t get it up anymore. Now, I’ve known men who are wonderful husbands, completely faithful to their wives, who even if they find themselves attracted to someone else wouldn’t think in a million years to actually act on that attraction. Fidelity isn’t something that I think logically every man has trouble with. But logic doesn’t come into it when I think about trusting someone to be faithful to me. I just don’t believe they will.

Do not ask me why this picture comes up first when you search for fidelity on flickr, but am I glad it does.

© law_keven; please click for original post

You seriously have to click for the larger picture. This is the most extraordinary bird I’ve ever seen. It’s a male Mandarin Duck; of course the women are nowhere near as brilliantly colored. And thanks to Wikipedia, I think I understand why it came up first on Flickr: they symbolize fidelity in China and the symbol is often used in weddings. I have to add another shot.

© YoursTruly2095; please click for original post

The plumage is so beautiful. This shot of three together is really striking, and Flickr has a Mandarin Duck pool that really should be explored.

Now that the mystery of the Mandarin duck fidelity search has been answered (and the bird admired), can someone explain why this picture also comes up for a search on fidelity?

© 2009 With the Passing of Time


2 Responses to "Fidelity"

Because it’s tagged as “High Fidelity Photo Art.”

Also, your first sentence is incorrect. According to you, men can be faithful – you know plenty of them. You therefore believe men can be faithful. The issue you more accurately seem to have is that you don’t believe men can be faithful as the situation applies to you personally. Your first sentence is mildly inflammatory and likely to get you some negative attention. It may merit clarification.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Annoying Anonymous Editor.

I was going to write an actual reply to your comment but realized your just not worth the time. I’d thank you for stopping by but that would be incorrect and end up “meriting clarification.”

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