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Daily thoughts – 2.8.09

Posted on: February 8, 2009

Today’s quote:

“Valor that parleys is near yielding.” — George Herbert

Not really sure I agree with that. And it seems odd to be coming from someone who was a priest. I’ve never heard of George Herbert before, but considering my knowledge is pretty slim that’s not surprising. He was Welsh and thanks to Torchwood I’ve grown to adore the Welsh accent. Torchwood and Ioan Gruffudd. *g*

Today’s poem is actually two poems: “The Tightrope Walker” and “The Angels” by Wayne Miller.

I have to admit the first one is a complete and total mystery to me as far as anything really. If there’s some deep intellectual meaning it’s beyond me. And if we take it at face value I’m not entertained. And there aren’t any lines that stand out for me.

But the second one I like quite a lot. It’s quirky and right from the beginning it gets your attention.

The angels spend most of their time
on earth with their coworkers the scarecrows.

This line

the underwater light of a television

is a fabulous description. And I was left wondering what’s in store for the people who live in the house across the field, and curious about more of the conversation between the angel and the scarecrow. It probably has some deep meaning as well but just as it is I like it.

Today in history

Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded in 1587, the first execution by gas in the US happened in 1924, and Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007. I’m sensing a theme. :-) Of course lots of other things happened this day but I guess I’m in this kind of frame of mind.

The person executed was named Gee Jong; he was born in China and apparently murdered a rival gang member. I’ve never been in favor of the death penalty, but after reading this article about what happens when someone is killed in a gas chamber it makes me even more against it.

I have to make note that Gary Coleman’s birthday is today and that we are the same age. That is highly disturbing on so many levels to me. Don’t ask me why it just is. It’s also Seth Green and Mary Steenburgen’s birthdays today; Mary Steenburgen is looking really incredible for 56. And if he had lived, James Dean would have been 78 today. He was a year younger than my father. It’s so strange to think about him being old. I wonder what kind of career he would have had had he lived and if he would have died of something else or been one of the elder statesmen of Hollywood now. Only three films and his legend and impact are still so strong. I have a framed photograph of him, the only picture of a celebrity I have like that.

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