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Daily thoughts – 2.7.09

Posted on: February 7, 2009

Today’s quote:

“Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.” — Arnold Palmer

I imagine some people would see this as good advice for any endeavor but it doesn’t feel right to me. “Hunger” really isn’t something you need in every day life to concentrate on your work. And in many cases neither is confidence. But of course, Arnold Palmer is talking about golf. When I looked at his Web site I found out that on this day in 1960 he won the Bob Hope Desert Golf Classic in Palm Springs, CA. And yet more proof that just about everyone is online these days. And to think we all managed just fine without the internet for so many years. Now I think I’d fall over dead without it for any length of time. :-)

Today’s poem: “We Regret to Inform You” by George Witte.

I actually think I get this poem; fancy that. :-) I don’t really care for it that much but it’s fine. There’s one part that I like:

Whoever dies obliges us
to justify with other names
that name beneath the photograph
so no one’s left anonymous

Maybe it’s interesting to me because my aunt just died. I learned a lot about planning a funeral and a memorial service. I didn’t do anything really but I heard all about it when I talked to my mom.

For some reason the poem is reminding me of a strange, rather creepy thing that happened. We got to the funeral home where the service was going to be held and there was a letter there for us from Houston. My mother and aunt lived there for many years so we thought it was someone they knew ages ago who had heard about my aunt’s death. Instead it was from a woman (Mary H.S.) whose hobby (I guess she’d call it a mission) apparently is to cut out the obituaries from the paper, and send a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet about death and a handwritten form letter about the Bible and God. Now I don’t mean to make fun of religious people but is this really the time to proselytize and do you have nothing better to do with your time?

One last note: the drawing on this guy’s Web site is really unsettling because of the thickness of the man’s neck. It’s like this big mass of flesh that you imagine just rolls into his back and shoulders with no differentiation. Now, I’m overweight but I have a neck.

Today in history

Only two days but I’m bagging the Wikipedia idea. Too many opportunities for something terminally boring to come up. So I’m switching to a “day in history” kind of thing instead courtesy of the New York Times.

The variety of things that happened today is really pretty neat. Both Frederick Douglass and Charles Dickens were born today as were Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher; what does this tell us about astrology and numerology? Or nature versus nurture for that matter. Duvalier fled Haiti in 1986 and Aristide was sworn in as the first democratically elected president in 1991. And today was the Beatles’ invasion of the US, arriving in New York in 1964. I often wonder if I would have liked the Beatles had I been alive and conscious of music when they came here. I love them now but if I were a black teenager in the early 60s, would I have really wanted to listen to them? It makes you wonder.

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