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Posted on: February 5, 2009

\JEER-un-dohl\ | noun

1 : a radiating and showy composition (as a cluster of skyrockets fired together)
2 : an ornamental branched candlestick
3 : a pendant earring usually with three ornaments hanging from a central piece

This is the first time the first link turned up an eBay vendor. Antique Revival has several girandoles for sale if you’re interested. Personally, the styles are far too ornate for my tastes even if the prices were closer to my budget. They remind me of how the Palace at Versailles was decorated. While I can appreciate the artistry that goes into something like that, it would give me a migraine every time I looked at it.

The first image is actually kind of nice: a girandole mirror.

It has all that fancy stuff but it’s much less gaudy somehow. I wouldn’t have it in my house but it’s much easier to admire it. :-) I’m particularly fond of the shape of the mirror itself. Apparently it’s 42 inches high (!!). That would swallow up any wall in my little apartment.

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