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Posted on: June 9, 2008

\muh-RASS\ | noun

1 : marsh, swamp
2 a : a situation that traps, confuses, or impedes
2 b : an overwhelming or confusing mass or mixture

The first link is software called MORASS that is used to analyze nuclear magnetic resonance data. Apparently MORASS stands for Multiple Overhauser Relaxation AnalysiS and Simulation and if you’re really interested in details, click on the MORASS link in the last paragraph and you’ll get all details.

I wasn’t expecting the first picture to be so pretty.

It’s part of a virtual tour of The Black River in Jamaica. Unexpectedly something right up my sister’s alley.


1 Response to "Morass"

Ha! In fact, this looks like a photo I’ve taken! When I started to scroll down, I thought, ‘How funny, that looks just like the Black River,’ and there you go.

Yeah, I was a little surprised by the actual manifestations of ‘morasses’ that i saw in Jamaica. They didn’t fit my mental picture at all. I saw this one and the one in Negril (though only for a second in that case). I’m curious if they look like this in other places.

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