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Posted on: June 8, 2008

\UMP-teen\ | adjective

1 : very many : indefinitely numerous

I always kind of thought this was a made up word. But maybe it was and has gradually made it’s way into the dictionary. I do use it quite a lot but I have a tendency to exaggerate. :-)

The first link is for a graphics and Web design firm that chose to name themselves Umpteen, Inc. It never ceases to amaze me when a Web or design firm has a terrible Web site. But then I thought I’d have to give them some props because a couple of their clients sites that I clicked through to look at looked pretty good. Except none of them give credit to Umpteen Inc. A couple give credit to Eagle Internet so I thought perhaps Umpteen changed it’s name to Eagle Internet. But Eagle Internet’s site is even worse than Umpteen’s. So maybe Umpteen has done the graphics that are on the sites and not the sites themselves. Then they should have an online portfolio that points specifically to their work, not some general Web site that you don’t know what they did and what they didn’t do. For someone who couldn’t get ahead if she tried, I really should be a business consultant.

The first picture confused me for a second until I read the name.

Behold Whitesox Umpteen Kisses of Taron2!

I can only guess that that is it’s ridiculous pedigree name. I’m not a fan of breeding and buying cats and dogs really. So many animals are put to sleep every day who could have had good homes if it weren’t for people who must have some particular breed. Mutts and domestic short hairs and anything else you want to call them are so much more fun, normal, and great to have around. And they’re not so inbred that you’re at the vet every other week and their medicine cabinet is larger than yours. Plus you don’t give them ridiculous names like Whitesox Umpteen Kisses of Taron2.


2 Responses to "Umpteen"

Although I’ve heard so many people use this word, I’ve always thought of it as Daddy’s word. He used it a lot. That and ‘skatey-eight’ as in, “There were skatey-eight thousand people at the homecoming game.” That’s just a guess on the spelling, of course!

I don’t remember Daddy saying umpteen but now it makes sense why I say it all the time. It just seeped into my brain. (Unlike skatey-eight; I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. *g*)

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