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Posted on: May 18, 2008

\HYE-uh-ruh-fant\ | noun

1 : a priest in ancient Greece; specifically : the chief priest of the Eleusinian mysteries
2 a : a person who explains : commentator
2 b : a person who defends or maintains a cause or proposal : advocate

Sounds normal enough right, not too out there. Except the first link takes it in a totally different direction. I never knew that one of the tarot cards was called “the hierophant.” I also never knew each card had a tarot story, but this page outlines it (and it’s advice I should really start listening to).

The first picture is, obviously, a tarot card.


This is from a deck I would probably be too afraid to use but it’s still pretty neat. You really have to do an image google search of this word yourself. There are a ton of really cool pictures for this word. And of course, silly woman that I am, I also love that the first picture comes from the site’s gandalf page.


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