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Meeting Tommy Treacle (treacle ficlet)

Posted on: May 11, 2008

No point or purpose at all. It’s just a thing.

“He seems nice.” Susan watched the man walk back to his group of friends.

Alice tsked dismissively. “Please. Don’t waste your time on Tommy Treacle.”

“What? Why do you call him that?”

“Because he’s thick and sickeningly sweet.”

“Oh that’s not very nice,” Susan sighed, rolling her eyes.

“No but it’s true.”

“How much have you actually talked to him?”

Alice pulled a compact out of her purse and began checking her makeup. “I met him at a party last week.”


“And I didn’t like him.”

“Well, he seems perfectly nice to me,” Susan retorted. “Besides,” she continued, standing and waving at Tom, “he’s one of the few straight guys on campus so you can be a snob all you like.”

Alice watched her friend walk over to the other students and shook her head. “Sickeningly sweet,” she sneered. “Tommy Treacle and Susie Sap.”


2 Responses to "Meeting Tommy Treacle (treacle ficlet)"

Ooo … snarky, much? I like it!

I felt a little like this at the reception for a friend’s wedding last night (I know, shame, shame, shame on me, but I really couldn’t help it). I like that Alice has a compact, and not just some generic makeup mirror.

I think weddings are perfect places for a little snark.

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