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chockablock writing post

Posted on: May 9, 2008

I don’t know if I would say my apartment is “chockablock” with things (and oh how I want to hyphenate that word). I have a lot of crap and no place to put the things I want to keep, but overall I don’t think I have so much that you can barely move in my home. I do have more than I need, however, way more than I need. And while I don’t subscribe to this belief that if you haven’t read a book or listened to a record in several years you get rid of it, I do know there are a ton of books I will never read again and can get rid of. And there’s a lot of paper and notebooks I can transfer the contents of to a computer. But if I managed to not have this aversion to throwing garbage out and then actually had furniture in my house, I would probably almost live like a normal person, with or without getting rid of the stuff I don’t really need anymore.

My head feels chockablock with tons of things that I don’t feel able to fully process or deal with. And scarily enough, full of story ideas as well. How bizarre is it to suddenly want to write again. I know this is a random, makes no sense, kind of post. But despite having a lot of ideas for stories, trying to think of something to write around chockablock just wasn’t working. So now my daily post has “essay” added to it; although that’s such a grand word to use for rambling on for five minutes. :-)


2 Responses to "chockablock writing post"

“How bizarre is it to suddenly want to write again.” No, not bizarre, fantastic. Keep going, keep going! See what starting this page does to you?

Well, the urge to write comes from my LJ stuff more than here, but this is good non-slashy practice for sure. That is when I can decide what I want to write.

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