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Posted on: May 4, 2008

\KIN-drud\ | adjective

1 : of a similar nature or character : like
2 : of the same ancestry

This is the first word I’ve done where the first several links weren’t simply definitions. Anyway, Kindred Healthcare tops the list. Not much to say about it; it’s a firm that runs long-term acute care hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. I searched in google news and found healthcare related stories, what you’d expect to find. Nothing to see here.

The first picture is much more interesting, especially for a sci fi geek like me. It’s the cover of Kindred by Octavia Butler.


(The picture is almost at the bottom of the page (in the last 1/4)

But I need to turn in my sci fi geek card (and possibly my African American one as well) because I haven’t actually ever read a book by Octavia Butler before. Lord, I’m embarrassed to admit that. Easy to fix, though. The library is in my immediate future.


2 Responses to "Kindred"

Someone gave me Fledgling two Christmases ago. I’d only read one short story by Butler before that and read lots of stuff about her. That novel took off the top of my head! I was so blown away by her writing and the ways she used her genre to deal with race and gender issues. So amazing. So totally amazing. I started reading everything … and then had to slow down because there’s a limited amount of stuff to read and I didn’t want to run out! Kindred I’m saving for last. I know it’s really going to blow me away, and I want to hold out for a while.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. I’ll just end by saying that I absolutely LOVE Octavia Butler!

I’ve only read a lot about her but I’m not sure why I’ve never read one of her stories before. She just sounds like she has such a unique style and voice.

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