With the Passing of Time

Untitled modicum drabble

Posted on: May 3, 2008

If she had even a modicum of common sense, a shred of intelligence in her mottled head, she’d never have taken the shuttle to Penitrik. She’d been seduced by its purple seas; three suns that circled each other in drunken arcs, solar flares licking trails of molten fire across the sky.

But romance and beauty won in the end. Now here she stands on a freezing pier, webbing dry and cracked between her fingers, lungs aching in the oxygen-rich atmosphere. Just a few more days to endure but she feels she might perish before the shuttle makes its return flight.


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Willingness to join soil, sound, hands; memory follows me ~ Viggo Mortensen


Daily words come from Merriam-Webster's word of the day. All rambling comes from my head.


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