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Posted on: May 2, 2008

\uh-NEEL\ | verb

1 : to make (as steel or glass) less brittle by heating and then cooling
2 : strengthen, toughen

The first link is a small business called Anneal that “specializes” in providing “agricultural, fisheries, environmental, and community based organizations” with “web presence support, marketing solutions, and effective use of media sources.” They do this for small non-profits as well, plus “the administration of small grants or short-term initiatives and projects.” I can’t speak for the rest of their skills, but I sure as hell wouldn’t hire them for my “web presence.” It’s a homemade site, they reference links to the left that highlight their work organizing volunteer events for Katrina victims but there are no links to the left, it’s not coded to shrink or expand to fit the size of the monitor and resolution someone is using so on my screen I have to scroll to read it. It’s cheesy and unprofessional and would not make me want to hire her for anything.

Man I really am in a bad mood. Sorry Ms. Hardesty. I’d be happy to help you improve your Web site if you’d like. One free bit of advice: I’m imagining you chose the name of your business to draw some kind of analogy between strengthening steel or glass to the aftermath of Katrina and strengthening businesses in the industries you noted as your specialization. Maybe you should have a sentence or two that makes that connection in relation to the work you do. It would probably be a stronger marketing statement for you than what you have (which is nothing). And don’t have a site map when all you have are four pages. It looks silly. If people can’t maneuver their way through the four pages on their own, they need more than your help.

The picture is a diagram of the annealing process.


(the right side is related to something else in the article so ignore it)

It’s from a page (scroll down to the bottom to see the pic) about glass recycling at a glass smelter in Austria. I used to associate Austria with the Sound of Music, with lovely Maria Von Trapp traipsing around the countryside with the Captain’s children dressed in curtain material, with songs and falling in love and national pride against the Nazis. Now I think of Austria and I think of creepy men who hold their daughters captive in the basement, rape them, have children with them, and somehow no one is the wiser for 24 fucking years! And how the hell does his wife not know? How the hell do you not go in the basement when your husband specifically forbids it and then disappears down there on many occasions for hours at a time, including overnight. The whole story is just so unsettling and creepy and if he doesn’t get buried under the jail I say we organize a group of women to head over to Austria and begin the dismemberment process with the tiny fiddly bits between his legs.

And if you needed more proof that these posts are really just random chains of thought and probably scary looks into my consciousness this post would be the clincher. :-)


4 Responses to "Anneal"

Oh, you are in a mood! But her site is pretty darn lame.

It’s like the kind of site you would see all over the Web in the 80s. Even Word can do better.

Um, in the 80s? Are you that much more cool than I am? I didn’t even know from my internets back in the 80s! Still, even the site I started designing way back when for the emergent reader books was stronger than this. That’s so rude to say, but there it is.

Yeah, no, I meant 90s. It just looked so dated I had to go back 20 years.

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