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Posted on: April 28, 2008

\ap-ruh-BAY-shun\ | noun

1 : an act of approving formally or officially
2 : commendation, praise

The first link and the first picture are almost one and the same.

The picture takes you to the ComicSpace page (who knew?) of an artist who draws those oversexed, larged breasted, thong wearing women that make up so much of the comic books these days. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see a picture of one of those women practically on all fours crawling across the page.

The first site is for Approbation Comics and lo and behold there’s said woman practically on all fours crawling across the page. To kill two birds with one stone, here’s a screen grab of Approbation Comic’s splash page; click through for the site and the full size comic goddess.

approbation site

I didn’t think I’d have a lot to say about this but then I found out who this lovely lady is. At first I thought she was just the symbol for Approbation because none of the women on the landing page looked like her. Then I saw a flattened version of this pic on the links page going to another site and sure enough it’s the product page for one of Approbation’s comics, “ChiSai,” and the cover is of this same chick. Here is the story of ChiSai (copied and pasted directly from the product page; any errors are there’s not mine):

“ChiSai is chronicles the adventures of Shy Stevens who happens to be the world’s first teenage African American single mother as a heroine. Debuting in May 2005 within the pages of Approbation Comics’ Myriad Anthology, the first ChiSai story subtitled “Karma” introduced the concept. In the story, Thompson chronicles the life of young Shy Stevens, an 18 year girl whose life was torn apart in every way imaginable, yet she dedicates herself to crawling from the wreckage and settling the score. But once she’s rebuilt her life and goes about getting revenge on her tormentors, she faces risking her new life and family to settle her old scores.”

At least on this cover she has on full hero gear and not a thong. I like this shot, actually. I can picture her with the X-Men. What’s interesting to me is that on Approbation’s landing page the picture of ChiSai is of a black woman. The picture being used on the publications is much more fuzzy, one of those you’re not sure what ethnicity this person might be and in fact she might just be tanned. If Storm could be a standout favorite in the X-Men (and don’t even mention Halle Berry because she doesn’t count; she will never be Storm) then why make Shy more ethnically ambiguous?

I’ve spent way too much time on this than I should have. Here’s Wikipedia’s brief page about it where you learn how to pronounce ChiSai, and I found an angelfire page for the comic.

It appears that in the first and second preview covers and in the “Duality” cover she’s very clearly a black woman. At other times she’s less obviously so (“Pin Up” cover; preview #3). I wish I knew the order of when these were published or I might have something more to say about all this. And unfortunately, none of the links on the side seem to work; I was particularly interested in the “casting call” button.

Preview 1 Preview 2 Duality

Preview 3 Pin Up

Here’s a little more of the story from the first preview page:

“Revenge. The one word that drives 18-year-old Shy Stevens. After being brutally raped, beaten, and left for dead, Shy picks up the pieces and undergoes two years of stict and brutal training. Armed with these deadly abilities and a special woven bulletproof uniform she resurfaces to put her life on the line for one shot at fulfilling her life’s mission.”

Sorry, I have to share the description from the Pin Up product page:

“For three years the only thing Shy Stevens could live for was one thing: revenge. After intensive training and small guerilla attacks she finally got her chance to face the man who took her innocence, tried to have her killed, and left her with child. For so long Shy’s goal was worth anything, including her life, but after killing Jeno Jacobs and nearly dying herself she discovered a new passion- the beauty of life and family. This comic is dedicated to the strong women out there willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their loved ones.”

Bloody hell.

I actually like comics, and the look of this character in all her incarnations when she’s fully clothed is interesting and I always like a good kick-ass woman. The premise, though, makes me laugh. And why do I feel that while she’s being a mom and getting revenge that her clothes are often removed in strategic ways throughout so that her ample bosom is exposed on many occasions. It just has the feel of a boy’s comic to me. But I could see “borrowing” the character and the look and making up a real story around it.

Daily writing based on Approbation: The Mythology of … drabble


2 Responses to "Approbation"

This woman is supposed to be black? Really? Wild. I’m always a fan of a good kick-ass woman, too. I wish she could wear a little more clothing, though!

On the first few covers, and on the picture on their main homepage, she looks black. Everything else and she’s morphed into this tanned woman who could be any ethnicity you choose. And yes, the clothing. If it’s a bullet-proof outfit, don’t you think you’d like it to cover all of you?

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