With the Passing of Time

The Whoville Beat (mélange poem)

Posted on: April 27, 2008

Just a bunch of nonsense really because I had no ideas and don’t want to skip a day.

A mélange of blancmange, orange and citrange
Sat on my tongue like a chemical lozenge

We tried to acquaint the magistrate with the taste
But he was an advocate for ascorbate

I survived acid rain and climate change
only to be bitten by a 200-foot boomslange.

It’s hard to anticipate the fate of the state
As my eyes dilate and I asphyxiate

But although I felt disarranged, broken and deranged
I managed to rearrange the estranged in the city of La Grange



2 Responses to "The Whoville Beat (mélange poem)"

Mmm … a melange of blancmange, my favorite! This is fun. I love that you rearranged the estranged!

Thank you! It took me forever to find out how to spell blancmange before I could find out if it was what I thought it was. It’d be handy if someone created an online dictionary where you could say the word and the program gave you some options.

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