With the Passing of Time

Elemental (avatar ficlet)

Posted on: April 25, 2008

Note: Although the idea was based on the Avatar cartoon, most of my inspiration came from “Pirate Jenny” (written by Kurt Weil and Berthold Brecht, performed by Judy Collins).

No one ever paid much attention to the young servant, an unassuming girl and homely. Both ridiculed and pitied, on most days she went quietly about her duties, almost invisible both upstairs and down.

The seasons passed and the manor house and village enjoyed a successful harvest. But the calm was broken as the residents of Oberon Manor and their visitors began to meet untimely ends. Whispers filled the local pubs and hostelries: “The aristocracy have been cursed! They’re being punished by God!” And through it all the young maid received nary a second look.

After all, there was no connection between her and Lady Waldon, who was swept off the Cenzie cliffs, an unexpected surge of wind lifting her from the ground and sending her crashing onto the rocks below.

She had barely known the Earl of Holdwest, who found himself surrounded by flames as he left the stables, only the stray remnants of hay and long grasses on the ground at his feet alighting and instantly consuming his screams.

When Baron Virgandr was surprised on his walk, the earth opening beneath his feet and swallowing him in a chasm so deep they could not retrieve the body, she was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor.

And as the Duchess of Kirbyra tried in vain to outrun the inexplicably rising sea, as it overcame her and pulled her under, water filling her lungs, the maid was keeping her own council over a cup of tea in the scullery.

The power within her steadily simmered, no longer dormant, now deliciously licking at the corners of her mind. She finished scrubbing the rough stone of the back terrace and retrieved her supplies, unseen by the lords and ladies as they gossiped in the sitting room discussing the mysterious deaths. A small smile played at her lips as she headed for her next chore, her steps light, imagining what new terrors she could effectuate next.


4 Responses to "Elemental (avatar ficlet)"

This is amazing!

Aw, thank you. Pirate Jenny is such a fun song, and I really love the idea of her working solo to pick off all the wealthy. *g*

commented elsewhere on this, but damn, i’m so glad you’re doing this blog! this is fantastic.

I slipped a bit yesterday, but it really is fun to just write and not think about LOTR or the boys. I highly recommend it.

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