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Posted on: April 25, 2008

\AV-uh-tar\ | noun

1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)
2 a : an incarnation in human form
2 b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person
3 : an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game)

How is it that I’ve lived 40 years and thought myself relatively intelligent and yet I only just discovered that the real meaning of avatar is the incarnation of a Hindu deity?! I’m not part of the gaming generation, I didn’t grow up with a computer, yet an avatar to me has always been the computer face you choose for yourself when you’re online. Unbelievable.

This article at Wikipedia has a really interesting bit about how “avatar” came to be known as a computer image of the user in the ‘origin’ section.

I looked up the first link before the picture today and after diving to turn down the sound at 5:30 in the morning, sat for a minute being irritated at finding that it was a cartoon.

avatar logo

Then the first image turned out to be of the same damn show!

avatar logo

But then I really looked at the site and it’s kinda cool. And the way they have the map laid out for you to follow along in each episode is very Lord of the Rings DVD. And slowly I realized that if I were a kid I would probably be really into this show. In fact, if I had ever heard of it before now I might even really be into it at my age. :-) It looks pretty neat. “The power of the four nations” are all based on a real martial art and it’s always cool to imagine being able to control the elements.

When I first started selecting icons to use on LJ, it was all about Viggo and Sean, Sean and Viggo, and occasionally there’d be a Billy, Dom, and Cate thrown in. I do want to add to my icon collection but lately I’ve only been using Zoe. I love all the characters on Firefly but Zoe’s quiet power, her strong sense of humor, the fact that she can make fun of you in one second and be fiercely loyal the next ready to die for you … all of those things make me love her. I adored her relationships with all of the members of the crew, all slightly different and all beautiful to see. Plus who wouldn’t want a statuesque 5’11” strong and sexy black woman to be your representation online? In one picture it says “I’m a woman, I’m beautiful and I’ll kick your ass if you get out of line.”

Daily writing based on Avatar: Elemental ficlet


5 Responses to "Avatar"

I actually saw an episode of this cartoon … and had no idea what I was watching! And of course, who wouldn’t want Gina Torres presenting them to the world? Even when she was in the even-too-lame-to-make-good-B-tv Cleopatra 2025, she was the hottest, fiercest thing about that show.

Cleopatra. I find it interesting that neither of the blonds were ever seen again. So what was the cartoon like?

Oh, it was way weird. There was the kid with the arrow on his head and when I tuned in he was being tended/protected/fussed at by some other kids who it turned out had some powers of their own, and they were traveling with some furry beast thing that was about as big as a city block, and they were being pursued by some very cranky, also super-powered girls. I was too sleepy to make it make any kind of sense.

And is the arrow-head guy supposed to be the incarnation of a diety? Too strange.

it’s a good show. my kids don’t want a lot of tv, but that’s one show i’m very cool with them watching. it’s got a little more depth than most of the junk that’s out there. it’s still too young/typical for me, though; there are still the obnoxious moments, too much yelling, etc.

That’s good to hear cause the more I looked at the site the more I realized I would probably have watched this show when I was a kid. Some of the pictures looked like there must be a lot of screaming. :-)

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